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"The World: Through my eyes, through your eyes” was a COMENIUS project from 2013 to 2015 between 9 schools in Europe. It encouraged students in Turkey, Finland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Greece and Belgium to see the world through the eyes of women, senior citizens and people with a disability with the help of photography.

The two questions "What does the world look like when seen through different eyes?" and "Which society do we want to live in?" guided our students and helped them organize events (A spa for mums; No to violence against women, Art for all, Let's paint together, Xmas parties...) visits (to elderly homes, to schools, workshops and living communities for the disabled, to mothers' initiatives), cooperations (with other schools, artists' societies for the eldely, elderly homes, volunteering groups) and other activities with representatives from the three mentioned societal groups. Students experienced active citizenship by organizing and executing meetings with women, the elderly and people with a handicap. They learned to assume responsibility for a tolerant and respectful behaviour among members of society and they learned that they can positively affect the world they live in by giving information and organizing joint events.

Photos were taken during all activities and students took part in writing workshop to reflect on their experiences. Later the best results were handed in for our joint storybook in which poems, photos, comics, reports, essays and stories were published from across Europe.

Students and teachers regularly exchanged their ideas and activities on this very website and at our seven meetings in Turkey, Slovakia, Italy, Poland, Spain, Finland and Germany. Workshops and cultural events with the three societal groups were organized for each meeting, students exchanged their perspectives and presented the work they had done in their countries individually.

After working on heavy societal issues so intensely for two years, students demanded more tolerance, understanding and respect among all members of society. Their suggestions for a better world are collected in a manifest.

The project was financed with funds from COMENIUS (Life Long Learning Programme for schools) by the European Commission.









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